Airport Chronicles

An attempt to capture scenes of hello’s and goodbye’s, bitter and sour at worst, sweet and succulent at most. Titled for tales of promises and finales, encores and ends, as they amalgamate in a special place.

i. Breadwinner
Consider their (physical and emotional) sacrifices.

A house
Despite cold beds
A ransacked fridge
Missing welcome mats
and broken furniture
Will always be home
To someone who
Slept on floors
Forced overtime
Scrimped paychecks
Endured punches
To build it (again).

[April 23, 2013]


ii. Ultramarine
A bond that stretches “beyond the sea” (literal meaning of the title)

Forever I will know them as
Reckless, tactless, but not tasteless.
I’m grateful for the years spent;
Empathy boundless; warmth endless.
Nothing will ever replace,
Death could only separate
Something as close as family.

[February 8, 2014; Puerto Princesa, Palawan]


iii. SV 874
Written in light of our better tomorrows.

It will never be the end
I have a dream to defend
A fortune that will ensue
A me acceptable to you

They say distance kills
And lack of touch steals
But courage intensifies
And faith binds the skies

One thing’s for certain
No matter how much pain
I hope this won’t be in vain
I aim your heart I will gain.

[June 19, 2015; KKIA, KSA]


iv. Burj
Lessons can be learned from infrastructures.

Thanks for telling me
Your sails, of kevlar
They reflect sky’s majesty
You stand regally
In the midst of the sea
And shooting up the skies.
A lesson to accompany:
No matter what they throw
People may accept or desert me,
But I must aim higher
And I should sail along

[Dec. 1, 2016, Burj-Al Arab and Burj-Al Khalifa, Dubai, UAE]


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