I. Midori Hitorigoto (Green Soliloquy)
Started on January 2010, this is my project of posting an essay about a topic once a month. This is mightily inspired by my number one crush/idol, NEWS’ Mr. Shigeaki Kato, as manifested by a rip-off of his Aoi Hitorigoto. Yes, I am very, very original!

January: Alone
February: Dare
March: Footprint
April: Taking Charge
May: Slippers
June: Listen
July: Temporary
August: Home
September: Blood
October: Rise
November: Race
December: Purple

January: Water
February: Ideal
March: Selfless
April: Feet
May: Fight
June: Now
July: Empty
August: Search
September: Journey
October: Destination
November: Vanity
December: Together

January: Straight
February: Space
March: To Matter
April: Fear
May: Going Places
June: Bonds
July: Flight
August: New
September: Faith
October: Pressure
November: Opinion
December: Far

January: Above
February: Ground
March: Two
April: Drive
May: “Ma-assalama”
June: Lack
July: Fade
August: Strength
September: End


II. Fanfiction
I do write fanfiction, with romance, drama, comedy, and the occasional angst as my fortes. Please be warned that I am a fan of yaoi or homosexual relationships between men, so if you are easily irked by such topics better stay away and enjoy surfing innocently on other parts of my site!

If you are still interested after the above warning…

A. Anime
Please check out FanFiction.Net account for all my (unfinished) anime fanfiction.

B. Japanese Idols/Musicians
Members from Johnny’s Entertainment company are my favorite victims! My top pairing is Ohyasu (Tadayoshi Okura x Shota Yasuda) from Kanjani8 and I write a hefty lot about them. So if you are an Ohyasu fan, friend me! Going back to the topic, I have a separate account for all my idol fanfiction: Confabulation @ Livejournal. Everything is in public so you are free to read and drop a comment.

III. Original Stories

IV. Poetry
My poetry collection is collectively known as Dead Stars.