Updated Editions

Up on this bridge, I stared at the the direction of your house.
Even if there was nothing there, it made me happy and hurt and regretful
The future we imagined is changing just like the scenery of this town.

– KAT-TUN – Hodoukyou

Many fans revolted when Maakiii, the former female vocalist of HIGH AND MIGHTY COLOR, went to the other side of the music spectrum and returned solo to release an electro- single. I myself was aghast to hear her voice severely autotuned and see her awkwardly strut toward the camera in a poppish vibe. However, upon seeing her post that she attended the SUN OF A STARVE live (the new band of her co-vocalist Yusuke), seeing they even posed for a picture, and they had a short exchange expressing recollections of their band, it made me think change is important but amidst the drastic transformations, an element in each of them never left.

KAT-TUN became a four-member band, losing an element of rap in their core. Shigeaki Kato carried on releasing his fourth book of short stories; ARASHI’s Satoshi Ohno had his second art exhibit, Freestyle 2, in Shanghai. Subaru Shibutani of Kanjani 8 delved into acting and from what I have heard, he was awarded Best Actor for “Misono Universe”. His band steadily developed as musicians through associations with other bands on their collaborative TV show. Subaru continuously became adept on harmonica, Yoko on trumpet, and Hina even expressed interest on the accordion. My favorite people were indeed growing up, but they never lost their childish and fancy sides. Take for example Kanjani 8, who are still a bunch of crazy thirty-somethings for dressing up as high school girls and performing as Canjani 8 (Which definitely made me insecure of my femininity). Last but not the least, they made me really happy when I heard their “more matured, rock version” of Zukkoke Otokomichi. (My all-time fave!!) They changed at one point, but they just accepted updates on another.

Come to think of it, How did I update myself?



I’m done completing the band tab of the first song! This song is Kanjani 8’s Eden. It was rather hard, creating everything by listening to the song the entire day. Next time, I should try recording my band tabs together in a studio. Two more songs!!!!  I AM DOING MY BEST!!! I researched about the Yairi guitar you bought. You have a great guitar. Take good care of it! Most of all, take good care of yourself!

An adolescent to it all

It pays to know serenity from ennui.
Incubus – In the Company of Wolves

1. Am more determined to lose weight upon knowing that the main reason why I’m weighing lighter is because I’m mostly composed of fats. That’s depressing enough. As much as possible I’m aiming to do everything within the comforts of my home. My kickboxing resurrection would have to wait…

2. House renovation is ongoing. I’m contemplating this is a good start to loosen up my burden, i.e excess baggage.

3. My obsessive-compulsive tendencies have returned. Lists, methods, calendars, and an organizer are my good buddies from now on. I have to gain control.

4. Have discerned that aside from the neck and sculpted collarbones, a low, friendly but suave voice is my another weakness in a guy. Especially when he sings in a breathy voice, like it’s straight from a 3D audio. And yes I am looking at Brandon Boyd. (Incubus had been my segue for the past 2 weeks, I just noticed.)

5. One life-changing moment is sure to happen the instant my father comes home. I foresee I won’t be as carefree as I am now anymore.

6. I’ve begun my review of fundamental nursing knowledge, because masters should always go back to basics and keep their feet on the ground.

7. Fandom-wise, I’m doing my best of finishing stories and typing out essays within this month. I also have to give justice to the hard work my members are doing on the Ohyasu community! And yes, Shige looks awesome on his regular TV show and that segment with Koyama wherein they were ogling on Japanese steaks and burgers. I only have his Photoshigenic to look forward to each month. No more monthly essays. Sad!

Effect of Songs

On those nights when I can’t sleep, I always open up the old photo album
All of us are there laughing innocently.

This Kanjani 8 song, named PUZZLE, made me shiver the first time I heard it. I always quiver and stare into space whenever I hear my favorite songs. In here I regress back at my younger years when the human race is not burdened with being updated on the internet and instead cherished the presence of the FM radio. Songs always have that magic on me, either I listen at them or I play the music on my guitar. There is an overwhelming feeling, as if time has stopped, when the stanzas roll by, on to the melodramatic chorus, the soothing bridge, and the satisfying ending. But more than the melodies, I almost always look deeper into a song’s meaning whenever I am entranced. And this song didn’t fail me. This song about not forgetting an old friend was made even more significant with their band’s history of losing a member they loved so well.  So, imagine my delight when PUZZLE was then played acoustic by the group’s most emotional singer, Ryo Nishikido, with his favorite artist, Kazuyoshi Saito. Ahh, heaven!https://apicalbeat.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

Commercial Break

Here is a break from the usual serious journal posts because I am still the Japan-loving person you all know and love (Why yes, of course you still love me!)

Things I am looking forward to:

1. Kanjani 8’s LIFE album. The solo videos in the DVD and the LIFE promotional video itself was way too cool. AHHH!!! My Ohkura and Yasuda love, either as individuals or as a pair, is revived!! I am seriously thinking of pursuing my wish of having a brand new OHYASS community at livejournal, because the previous one (ohyass_prease) is pretty much dead, disorganized and such. The fans’ burning interest in Ohyass in the form of relentless fanfiction fires me up to go on with this, but on the other hand, my busy lifestyle and my decreased internet time discourages me. AHHHH I am so torn apart!

Also, Ryo’s solo video in PATCH DVD with his song “Monologue” was like… an instant favorite!! Indeed he is one great musician (despite the alleged copying of another musician’s style) AND HIM AS A BOXER IS LIKE… WINNER. NO MORE WORDS. AGH.

2. NEWS’ LIVE album (GOSH, why do they differ on a SINGLE letter?) I must admit NEWS weighs more on my fandom list than Kanjani 8 (though I am still a Kansaijin by heart~) What excited me more is the fact that there was a little track list rearrangement. One song in the album was changed, and its title was something like “A Letter Without Contents” OMG, is this the sign that Shige has received my letters? Is this an answered prayer?! Also, the concept of UNPLUGGED is intriguing; Sakura Girl and Summer TIme in acoustic guitar arrangement sounds good as I imagine it. I just hope they pull it out well. (BUT WHAT WAS THAT QUESTIONABLE PERM OF A HAIR ON SHIGE? GOSH. STOP THAT PLEASE.)

3.  I am still addicted to ONE OK ROCK’s “latest” album! I cannot stop listening to LIAR and Jibun Rock… Nobody’s Home, Yes I am and Wherever You Are are also instant favorites. Furthermore, the Youtube streams of their performance in SAPPORO was breathtaking! Taka really rocks it, especially his version of Karasu… I just noticed he really sings that song dramatically. I wonder how significant it is to him. Perhaps a favorite song as well?

4.  A party with my Emergency Room staff on the night of August 28! It is our beloved Gerald’s birthday (GOSH HE IS 27!) and I will go there straight after my 2 pm to 10 pm work. That will be fun, as there will be lots of food, karaoke and booze involved. Though I promised myself to limit alcohol and smoking already.

5. NO BORDER meetup on August 29. Hydee will pay a vacation to the plains, and she chose to spend it with us. I never felt so honored than this. I am officially announcing my absence on my Sunday duty. Hahaha.

6. A planned reunion with college friends, maybe on the first week of September. I miss them immensely I wonder how on earth are they coping with the adult life.

My joys are narrowed down to the simplest ones, as you can see. ^_^

The sound you like

Aa~ it’s very hot. I’m melting. :/

I have just recovered from viral conjunctivitis, thanks to a day of absence from work. While I was resting at home, I spent the entire day with my family. We relaxed and talked, because I believe it’s been a long time we shared stories. Also, we watched a movie named  Babe I Love You. Lame, but I must say the story is okay. It has the lesson that every one of us has the opportunity to change. It also says that all chances are out there, but it has to come in the proper place and time. You decide which one fits.

Skipping to another topic, here are the things that keep me excited lately, mostly related to Japanese music:

1. Two days before Troubleman premiere! Judging from the CM, it looks like a very interesting drama. Plus Shige… Shige looks very cool in this! I hope his acting has improved. (I believe he did!) Also, NEWS sings the theme song, and Shigeaki has graduated. Hmm, everyone sure loves him lately…

2. SID’s new single rain. It is also the fifth opening theme song of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. I have listened to the opening theme version and it sounds nice.

3. ONE OK ROCK has an upcoming new album named Niche Syndrome! No previews for now, but the tracklist is promising!

4. KAT-TUN will have an Asian tour without Jin Akanishi, because he will have a solo concert in the United States. Now I wonder, which I believe many others do as well, will Jin become a solo artist soon?

5. Kanjani 8 will also have a new single titled Wonderful World. I originally thought of the KAT-TUN song of the same title which they have been singing even before they have debuted.

6. Maria-sama ga Miteiru LIVE DRAMA! OH MY GOSH.

7. Meisa Kuroki’s comeback. This very pretty girl is really making it big.

In another news, I have dyed my hair to medium brown. Also, I am doing an overhaul of my closet.

Ahh, let’s try to be happy every day.

Third essay will come soon. I shall sleep in preparation for night duty. Bye bye~