Blogging History

The Cyber Maki is on the loose, but it she is definitely not edible.
This page shall reflect my complete online history.

I. Tabriz 17 arc
I started the craft of blogging, publishing my life, last January 27, 2003 without any HTML knowledge. I was simply curious because LJ user saihara and pseudonym Mikan, both my real life friends, were into it. My home on the web was Tabriz 17 on Diaryland. The name I got from my most favorite Evangelion character, Kaworu Nagisa, Angel form Tabris, the 17th Angel. Most of my rants were of the shallow kind. Entries were VERY frequent; I blogged 5-6 times a day and were mostly inFilipino. My online pseudonym was Maki Nekoi, which I think was cool. The name Maki sounded so unisex and Nekoi came from a favorite manga artist, Nekoi from CLAMP. Anime ramblings, insanity, snippets of my wild yaoi imaginations were there, mostly in incoherent and script form. The complete entries can be still found on the said site.

II. MakiMAK arc
April of the same year arrived, and I decided to rest because of financial constraints and I searched for a better (read: more personalized) host. I found out about Pitas and a .tk URL redirection service therefore a month later (May 2003), I moved to a new place named MakiMAK. It’s a fusion of my online name, Maki, and M.A.K, meaning MOMMY AKO AY KALOG (Translation: Mommy I’m on Crack). Where I got that idea, I still cannot comprehend! I made that place the home of my thoughts from May 2003 to May 2005. At some point of this arc, I found refuge in this free hosting service named Eccentrix, hence at times when Pitas was down, I used the site as an alternative.

I can say my high school/college life revolved on blogging, to the point of becoming highly attached to it. I decided to preserve the archive of my entries plus the grand layouts every month, all twenty-nine of them, using the service. VERY UNFORTUNATELY, the site closed down, and the memories of my precious thoughts were scattered like dust in cyberspace. However, a little percent of the entries can be still read at my account’s archive page.

Then I discovered the existence of Livejournal. Once again following the footsteps of saihara who was first to decide and transfer to said blogging service. I created the accountchresoberyl17 which didn’t last just because I didn’t feel the account name.

III. Seraphic Works arc
During that transition phase, I converted into Seraphic Works, a fanfiction blog. The name stemmed from my fic author pseudonym, FiendisHSerapH. It didn’t last long too, simply because I was busy with college and I found it harder to write fics as each day passes, let alone talk about my inspirations in lengthy entries.

IV. The Livejournal Age
This is the point when I signed up under a new Livejournal username, Nekoism. The username is a self-invented term, a noun for everything that is MAKI NEKOI. I shall name this an “age” because it is comprised of several arcs. Livejournal is the blogging service that had become witness to my Johnny’s Entertainment ultimate fan times, not to mention my mind’s so-called shiny transformation. from the bratty, self-centered, very rabid fan, to the creative, introspective, still self-centered individual who had learned how to use blogging as an outlet of what she has been stifling inside.

a. 2006-2007 – A Slush of Slash and a Dash of Crack
– Still striking a balance between on crack and being sane. I didn’t think it worked!

b. 2007-2008 – [CracKSmacK]
– I dub this as the “peak of my fangirling years”.

c. 2008-2009 – RE:Dreamer
– A somewhat established period of being a fan and an insightful blogger, I should say.

d. 2009-2010 – *When Dreams are No Longer Dreams
– a.k.a Maki… err, Mia started toning the insanity down!

e. 2010-20xx – Apical Beat + Confabulation, the fanfiction blog
– a.k.a Soon-to-be-twenty-two-Mia solving her impending quarter-life crisis. I kid. I admit that during my past seven years as a blogger, I write while constantly thinking how people will comment on my entries. I want appreciation, I want to read that my “friends” are entertained with what I write, and they can think that I am a cool person. I wanted so badly for them to think I’m a very interesting girl to the extent of making up stories about myself just to please others.

Not anymore.

This should be ME, Mia, and no one else. I don’t care about the comments anymore. All I want is to be free. For the said reason, I changed to another Livejournal username, Apical Beat. Apical Beat is a medical term referring to the heartbeat heard on the chest. It has the tag line “Follow your heart… using your head” because that is what I am aiming to do: striking a balance between two elements.

V. Atypical Aim Arc, Two Editions
Soon I didn’t like the “feel” of the new Livejournal account and lost interest on Livejournal altogether. I decided to walk on the unbeaten path. I transferred to I.PH to have some breathing space. I enjoyed the exclusivity of the site, however I discerned I still need a more responsive audience and an equally wider vehicle to make my voice heard across the internet. Hence the transfer to WordPress; just in time for the start of a new decade.

So after this lengthy history discussion, the question remains: Why am I so strung out maintaining a blog? To put it in a word: legacy. I simply want the world to remember who I am in this lifetime. Let this be a story of an ordinary girl who dreams big, and is aiming to make those things happen. May this trigger nostalgia when I grow up; may this be a source of entertainment to my children and grandchildren. Whether or not I achieve my dreams, whether I inspire or annoy someone, I am happy that I will be touching another person’s life in one way or another.