Against the Status Quo

I am officially a Rebel.

I joined Nerd Fitness Academy a week ago, despite not being a total Star wars or Star Trek or Zelda fan at all. The founder’s concept of “Leveling up Your Life Everyday” really appealed to me, seeing that I can apply it not only in fitness but in my whole life in general. I have had an epiphany lately, and that is all that I wanted to achieve were only being hindered by my poor organizational skills and dire lack of motivation. I strongly believe this platform will help me conquer greater heights so I can become my best version in this lifetime. Heck, I have been going on and on about my “Atypical Aim” for years, yet I have never even touched its mere surface. I am tired of all the talk; it’s about time I leap into action about it now that I am nearing my thirtieth mark. Besides, little steps each day will count as a big step in the near future, won’t they?

I might start something like a battle log in this website from now on. Join me in my quest for a better life, hey yeah.

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So I picked up the exact test I took four years ago.

Root: open (25%)
Sacral: open (38%)
Navel: under-active (0%)
Heart: open (44%)
Throat: open (56%)
Third Eye: under-active (12%)
Crown: open (56%)

Imagination (third eye) has decreased as I am now more aware and am able to deal with the present (root). Intimacy, sexuality and passions (sacral) have become comfortable issues. The heart has been opened and the announcement of self (throat) reduced. Self-assertion (navel) has diminished considerably, and the crown percentage decreased a bit, perhaps signifying a shift in wisdom and its source.

I still have so much learn but indeed, too much stuff happened. Oh hi, I’m still alive! 😄

I’m going through changes…

“It was one of the best days of my life, a day during which I lived my life and didn’t think about my life at all.” 
– Jonathan Safran Foer

Here comes the revival of this blog, and so will be the surge of back-entries for the next couple of weeks. I’m finding the proper spirit to type all the experiences I had in this country, not to mention the slow change of heart and principles (yet again) that I am having. It is now I can say I have found my place, my inner rest, despite the growing difficulties around me.

I now know what my atypical aim is… and it is not-so atypical at all. 

The case of the locked door.

Hello, it’s me!

As promised, I’ve flown halfway across the world for work. As I hugged my parents, friend, and siblings goodbye, indeed, I’m on my own. This is another chapter.

Mia’s tales in Riyadh, start!

It was my first time in an airplane. The procedurals went on smoothly; I was thrilled, sadly the flight entertainment wasn’t working at my seat.
I was not sittng beside the window!
But the food was great; I loved the sour salad. I was never a picky eater anyway.

Then in King Khaled airport, it was a very long wait at the new arrivals lane. The coaster picked us almost 1 am and was sent to our new homes, they call it ISKANs, by 2am. I was given the keys and opened the main door to the flat of 3 rooms, each room for 2.

Then, this funny event…
Iskan162-106 has shoes at the rack, even a filled fridge! There must be many people.

Room B was locked from the inside. The keys were useless.
(knock knock)
For 30 mins.
No one heard me.’Ah, maybe they are tired,’ I didn’t want to disturb, so I slept at the sofa and thought to self-introduce in the morning.

7 am, still no one was present… even after yelling, banging the doors and the buzzer.

In sadness and wonder, I left for my orientation instead.

In the coaster,
Co-trainee: my roommate was nice! She cooked food for me even if it was 3AM.

Nice welcomes, huh!
I was really jealous!!!

4pm, return to the flat.
Nobody’s still home.
Miserable, isn’t it?

The ending?
Room B was actually vacant. Conclusion: The doors were double locked. I didn’t open the door properly.
My flatmates are on vacation. Maybe?
Nobody’s really sure.

Was it suicide, with the body still inside the room?
Ok, I’m exaggerating.

Next episode: Mia plays detective!
Watch out for it!

(This, my friends, is a product of Mia’s boredom!)

Precious Gift

Hi. It’s me!
Right now I’m watching 2 Arashi concerts back to back with my younger sister. I have to make the most memories out of these moments.

I am thankful these concerts, variety shows and dramas have become a source of entertainment plus bonding times in my family. It elicits discussion from my parents, primarily because of my (questionable) tastes in men. There’s the usual comment that they are too girly, and the even said that maybe most of them are actually gay. But I always explain to them how their songs actually have meaning, how
multitalented they actually are, and the humor or sense (if it DOES make sense) behind everything they do. I defend these men fervently, you see! In the end, a massive conversion has took place!

Looking closely, I found reasons why I hold on to this hobby. Others used to label me weird and unreachable because of this interest. For that, I used to shy away in fear of being cast away. But as time passed by, I learned not to be proud of who I really am, and also to stop obsessing. “There is more to life than being a fangirl. Don’t forget your growth.” Having the complete merchandise or shrieking the loudest and being unstoppable (stalker much?) everytime your bias is mentioned doesn’t make you the most hardcore fan.

Now, this hobby makes me positive and unique, bonds me with other people, provides me inspiration and the push to go after my goals and be my best version.

This, my friends, is how Mia holds true to her (tamed) fangirl self.

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One Journey

Hi, it’s me.

A few days to go, and I shall go out and see the world on my own. Preparations are at its full swing. Every now and then I flip the luggage open and revisiting my checklist to see if I am forgetting something… Only to repack everything this afternoon because the ticket indicated more luggage provisions. I cannot think of what to include anymore; for with this journey I also aim to start my adherence to zen , health and minimalism. Oh, not to mention a new culture to learn. (though it’s not that thrilling, honestly)

I don’t feel overwhelmed with this to be honest with you; maybe I have conditioned myself after the long gap of waiting, that this separation is inevitable. Indeed, whether we like it or not, separations had to take place daily. Goodbyes and deaths are always lurking. Instead, I’m being as positive as possible about this. This is what I call ‘necessary growing pains’; I have to undergo this to test my strengths even if it kills me… the ultimate spartan training. Even my parents try hard to support me in this; now that the chance is finally here I just cannot show sadness in front of them.

In the process of detachment, I’ve been cherishing the presence of my beloved people these past weeks. Ironic, but this is my style of detachment. I have to condition myself that I won’t be hearing from them as regularly as I do for a long, long time. I cannot honestly erase fandom totally, for I know I’ll run to it for comfort should I find everything too depressing and self-depreciating. Mp3s come in handy, and so are my notebooks and my rampant imagination! This journey may also be a test of my loyalty, especially now that he has a formidable rival who constantly steals the spotlight.

It’s a brand new world toward independence and self-sufficiency. I never expect it to be an easy ride; in fact I believe that at some point it WILL kill me… But all I know is I will emerge a new person should I endure everything. That thought alone is exciting enough; after all it is necessary to die before you’re reborn.

This, my friends, is Mia’s first ever mobile blog post! Yey!