About The Author

Let me be known as Mia in this lifetime whose second name means a lady of high ranking, a “princess”. Born in the Philippines at the twelfth of February at the second to the last year of the Showa period, I am a five feet one inch tall, chubby, myopic (bordering on blind) young lady whose temperament is more likely to be Phlegmatic-Melancholic. The Myer-Briggs personality test said I am an INFJ person. INFJ people occupy less than 1% of the population. Queer enough? That explains why I dub myself as “The Atypical Princess”

I used to have lots of interests, but at the dawn of this new decade, I resolved to have my top three: music, health and wellness, and languages. I write songs on my free time and am  particularly adept on playing the guitar, with a bit of drums, piano and violin. Rock music is my soul, though I can tolerate other genres except rap and hip-hop. In relation to my profession, a working registered nurse, I resolve to be an example of healthy and fit living from now on. I fancy Japanese culture since high school. I guess it can be attributed to how obsessed I was to anime and manga. That, or it might stem from my strong intuition that I might have been a Japanese monk or musician in my past life. As I type this, my interest hasn’t dwindled. Their music is what I look up to for inspiration. Those male idols from Johnny’s Entertainment, the female idol group named Morning Musume (as influenced by a close friend), and rock bands like Ellegarden, L’arc en Ciel, ONE OK ROCK, alicenine., Tokyo Jihen, and SID are the ones I listen to most. On the Western and local side, I highly admire Incubus, Deftones, Staind, Hoobastank, and Urbandub to name a few.

I am someone who absorbs inspiration from her daily experiences, which will manifest in this blog. The people I look up to include my parents, my good friends (each of their characteristics are things I wish to acquire), the musicians for being so multifaceted, and most of all, a celebrity whose personality attracted me most: a member of the boy band NEWS named Shigeaki Kato. (Cue in some blushing!) It won’t be so obvious, but I love writing. I have been broadcasting my life through blogging since January 2003, and have been writing fan fiction since fourth grade. Homosexuality does not irk me, so I write homosexually-charged stories, known as yaoi in Japanese. Sure this website has almost everything I have created, but you won’t see the fanfics here. (Go to my fanfiction site if that’s what you want.) Upon reading this blog you will witness how random my mind works, and there will be also spastic fangirl moments.  I won’t call myself compassionate, and neither I am famous or influential; I am simply a girl who wants to leave my mark in this vast space named internet. If I will be reborn, may my reincarnation read of the person I used to be. And may he/she/it(?) continue my journey on becoming complete.


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