Against the Status Quo

I am officially a Rebel.

I joined Nerd Fitness Academy a week ago, despite not being a total Star wars or Star Trek or Zelda fan at all. The founder’s concept of “Leveling up Your Life Everyday” really appealed to me, seeing that I can apply it not only in fitness but in my whole life in general. I have had an epiphany lately, and that is all that I wanted to achieve were only being hindered by my poor organizational skills and dire lack of motivation. I strongly believe this platform will help me conquer greater heights so I can become my best version in this lifetime. Heck, I have been going on and on about my “Atypical Aim” for years, yet I have never even touched its mere surface. I am tired of all the talk; it’s about time I leap into action about it now that I am nearing my thirtieth mark. Besides, little steps each day will count as a big step in the near future, won’t they?

I might start something like a battle log in this website from now on. Join me in my quest for a better life, hey yeah.

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A dreamer with an impending sense of completion.

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